Frequently Asked Questions

We have five questions that our customers frequently ask us. But we are open to being able to solve any concern.

  • 1. How much average time does it take to clean a home, office or premises?

    Usually we do it in the course of a morning or an afternoon depending on the tasks to be carried out and the size of the house. What is office is normally done in the afternoon or at other times at night due to the flow of people in these are null, considering the movement of the cleaning team as well as the staff. These can be done 3 times a week according to the congestion of tasks or activities that are carried out within it.

  • 2. How many people come to carry out the punctual cleaning service (end-of-work cleaning, etc.)?

    It fluctuates according to the size of the facilities, we adjust the number of people for each cleaning so that no worker is cleaning for more than 5 consecutive hours, since we consider that these are the optimal hours in which a cleaner can give her best. yes and offer the most detailed and thorough cleaning. Adding to this the cleaning teams in the morning and in the afternoon, in case any service lasted more than one morning or one afternoon, the next team would enter, always both coordinated by our cleaning manager.

  • 3. What is the procedure for contracting a cleaning service at the end of work, general cleaning, etc.)?

    After contacting us via email, telephone or visits to our offices, we agree on a prior visit to your home, office, or premises at the time that best suits you to assess everything you want to do and thus, in less than 24 hours, offer you the tightest budget possible without any kind of commitment. From the acceptance, we specify the date and time that best suits you to perform the cleaning service.

  • 4. What cleaning products and machines are used? Are they included in the price?

    The cleaning products we use are industrial products adapted for each type of cleaning, presenting a reduced aggressiveness with the materials, being neutral detergents, liquids with self-sliding, anti-dust and antistatic treatment. We avoid using acid or abrasive materials.

  • 5. Is it necessary for you to be in the house while we perform the cleaning service?

    In detailed cleanings, we normally ask that the client be present to be able to supervise the work of the team during the entire cleaning. We know that each client has a personalized treatment, and that the interested party is better present so that his satisfaction fully lives up to his expectations. So that his work can be recognized, and the client is satisfied with optimal work, it must be directed throughout the service so that, in the event that something is not to your liking, we can provide a solution.

Ask Questions

If you have any questions or concerns related to our responses, please contact us and we will gladly resolve your concern or if any service is not within your needs, please contact us and we can do something suitable for you.