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Cleaning - Disinfection & Sanitation

Maria's Cleaned, we don't consider ourselves a business we are a large family owned local operation serving New Jersey, New York and surrounding areas ...



We have a variety of cleaning services to offer.

We offer you a wide variety of services that we can offer you. We do not rule out the possibility of offering you a package according to your needs.

  • Deep cleaning of houses

    Our experienced cleaning technicians are trained to provide services. From the inside of the ovens to the windows, we'll make sure to leave your property immaculate.

  • We wash carpets and disinfect them.

    We will help you thoroughly clean your carpets that accumulate germs, stains, and odors over time. We are available to make a free estimate, call us now! Carpet cleaning service. Open Monday to Saturday. Competitive price. Free estimates. Types: Carpet cleaning service.

  • Disinfection of physical spaces

    One of our services is disinfection in which we use chemical products that will eliminate all germs and bacteria that can be found in the environment. These are done a lot in public places, offices. Many clients are doing this service so we avoid discomfort and suspicions of viruses in the place.

Virtual disinfection

How It Works

Disinfection is a habit that must be cultivated at this time that habit will save lives. At present it is already a reality to take precautions related to disinfection, protocols must be followed, steps to follow related to cleaning and managing your health.

three basic steps that must be done habit in your life.


Correct way of personal disinfection

Here we give you the steps for a good you can perform a personal disinfection.

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We offer a variety of services related to cleaning I hope you find your choice here we detail.

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Good habit in cleaning

Because it happens, if we don't clean, a chaotic ball is formed, which subtracts our energy, fluidity and existential peace.

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Correct way of personal disinfection

Clean and disinfect properly

Always follow the instructions on the label of cleaning products and disinfectants. Wash surfaces with a general household cleaner to remove germs. Rinse with water, then apply an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill germs.

Stages of the cleaning and disinfection process

  • 1.- Prepare cleaning. The purpose of this stage is: ...
  • 2.- Remove dirt. This stage removes visible dirt and debris from surfaces. ...
  • 3.- Clean. ...
  • 4.- Rinse. ...
  • 5.- Disinfect. ...
  • 6.- final steps. ...


Choose the service you need.

These personal care jobs are very varied, so one of the many fields may be a good fit for you. The ideal is to have one activity a day or a job that keeps you moving. Some of them require a lot of physical work, such as janitor, gardener and gym instructor.

Personal care and childcare are not such physical jobs. They are suitable for people who like to take care of others and who are patient and kind. Assistant jobs and some office cleaning jobs are good for students or others who need to work nights. Hairdressing, beauty services, and pet services would be suitable for a person who wants to have their own business.


Good habit in cleaning

There are those who find in the routine of cleaning and ordering their moment of calm. For some people this helps them to feel present, to be aware of the moment without letting intrusive thoughts or worries take over, like a kind of meditation, like the one advocated by the cleanfulness movement.

However, for many others, a clean and tidy house is one more of the daily obligations that we have to take into account when organizing our day, so that it can give us time for everything, including rest. Instead of letting house cleaning become a burden, it is better to start avoiding certain habits that are not positive by changing them to others that can make it easier for us to keep everything on track, saving some time and money. Good cleaning habits that we can start putting into practice as soon as possible.